My Patch My Coastal Town

Artillery Interior Architecture has been invited to host My Patch My Coastal Town at the 2012 Fun4Kids Festival on behalf of Warrnambool City Council.

The Fun4Kids Festival is held over 8 days, each year and attracts around 25,000 visitors. Fun4Kids is a nationally recognised, award winning event. In 2009 Fun4Kids was crowned “Best Community Event in Australia” at the 2009 Australian Event Awards.

My Patch My Coastal Town at the 2012 Fun4Kids Festival promises to be exciting and enjoyable for all participants.

The success of the My Patch program in delivering a unique experience to the community is reliant on sponsor support. Sponsoring My Patch My Coastal Town at Fun4Kids is a great opportunity for organisations to connect with the community and support a program which promotes environmental sustainability through innovative design and interactive learning.

We look forward to seeing you there!

My Patch My City Organising Committee 2012

About Group GSA

My Patch My City was established by Artillery Interior Architecture 2008 and is now run and managed by Group GSA after acquiring Artillery Interior Architecture in 2017.
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  1. What honestly motivated u to write “My Patch My Coastal Town | My Patch.
    ”? I actuallyreally enjoyed it! Thanks for the post ,Torsten

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