Artillery Interior Architecture hosts free children’s model making events throughout the year to help stimulate ideas and discussion surrounding design, sustainability and the future of cities.

Children, their families and friends are given the opportunity to construct their own, ideal, “Patch“ of a future city from a wide range of raw and recycled materials with the help of designers, architects and consultants. As the day progresses, “Patches” are pieced together to form a vibrant, mini cityscape.

“My Patch My City” continues to feature as one of the key satellite events for children during the State of Design Festival/Design Made Trade, held every year in July. Previously the event has been held at the Melbourne Museum incorporated within the Winter Public Programmes’ calendar and at the Royal Melbourne Show as part of the ‘Fast Forward’ Victorian Government Expo.

Promoting sound environmental and ecological values for Artillery means working together with the community for better social, economic and environmental outcomes.

My Patch is a great opportunity to link environmental initiatives, while providing children with the chance to explore their creativity, learn and have fun.

The Event is about linking design, sustainability and the community of Victoria. We feel these three areas are important for all of our futures.

If you would like us to host a My Patch event for you please contact the events team by phone on (03) 9686 1899 or email to info@artillery.com.au.

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